Church Door offers a wide range of consulting services, including congregational workshops, seminars, and conferences. Also available are consultations with leadership, either a one-time meeting or a series of gatherings. Follow up with personal ongoing coaching.



Church Door can give an overview of the purpose of the church from a biblical and theological perspective.


This personalized presentation can be either a keynote address at a congregational or leadership retreat, conference, or workshop, or a series of smaller presentations. 



Nothing is more inspiring for a congregation than a clear vision of where you're going. 


With help from Church Door, congregational members gather to clarify God's call, to dream, to brainstorm, and to process. The result is a vision that will motivate and guide the church.


How does a congregation get where it needs to go? A good strategic plan is one where all are on board and understand the process. 


With our help, a congregation can work out a strategic plan to provide accountable steps toward an agreed upon outcome of mission.


Why is your congregation in existence? What part of God's mission are you called into? What gifts and resources are available? 


Each congregation has a unique history, identity, and context. When Church Door helps you identify these, a clear purpose for your congregation emerges.


Rather than a sanctuary of safety and isolation, the church is called to reveal Christ in its surrounding community.


What is your neighborhood really like? How well do you know it? What is God already doing in your neighborhood? How can you join? Gain a clear understanding of your neighborhood context according to God's vision.


Your pastor(s) and/or congregational leaders can contract for follow up coaching with Church Door by phone. Schedule anything from one follow up call to regular, ongoing calls. 

Continue to grow and meet the challenges that emerge as you navigate your new perspective on mission.

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