The Church Door:

A Connection Between Your Church and the World.


A symbol of welcome: all may enter.

Yet a church door is also an exit, opening outward, 

so that those inside can go forth from the building into the world 

equipped to be part of God's ongoing mission of love. 



Church Door Consulting exists to help your congregation grow its participation in God's mission beyond the Church Door.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Moss serves as pastor at Lutheran Church of the Master (ELCA), Lakewood, CO, and is the author of "The Neighborhood Church: God's Vision of Success” (Wipf and Stock, 2014), a resource to help congregations understand and enter more fully into a relational role in their broader communities.


"The neighborhood doesn't exist for the church; the church exists for the neighborhood."

The vision of Church Door Consulting is that every congregation be empowered to share the indwelling of divine compassion, love, and justice in their context.


Church Door provides Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, Conferences, Keynotes, and Coaching to help you:


  • Discern a congregational vision

  • Connect with your congregational neighborhood

  • Clarify your congregational call

  • Accomplish congregational strategic planning

  • Build congregational unity 

  • Articulate your congregational purpose within God's mission in the world

  • Continue the journey via ongoing coaching

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Church Door Consulting